Together we stand up against violence towards women

Amanda Liza Maandag
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You can’t keep her in a cage, dip her wings, tell her lies
Say that fragile birds
Were never meant to fly
Watch her life
behind a rusted door, latched tight
Her spirit slipping away
So you can keep her in sight
Beautiful creatures
Can not be confined
Her wings will grow
She’ll find the sky

Do you know that 35% of all women worldwide are victims of violence? This has to stop!

This is why ActionAid is organizing the Women's Rights Challenge and I am proud to be part of this!

In 35 days, we are training towards the goal of 35 push-ups. Thats a hell of a challenge as I can barely do one. ;-) It is a symbolic action to raise funds and awareness and stop violence against women!

Are you with us and want to support? 💪🏻💪🏾💪🏿

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