Girls just wanna have fun(damental rights)!

Bruna Evaldt Carlos

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35% of all women worldwide experience some form of violence. During the corona crisis, (domestic) violence against women is on the rise. In the Netherlands we see an increase, in Uganda a doubling and in Bangladesh the number of reports of violence increased by 983 percent. Bizarre numbers right ?! By participating in ActionAid's Women's Rights Challenge, I raise awareness about violence against women and I am committed to fighting it. From November 1, I will train every day to do 35 push-ups in a row on November 25 (the International Day Against Violence Against Women). In this way I collect money to combat violence and protect women's rights. Do you want to support me with a donation? Proceeds will go to ActionAid's work to empower women worldwide and combat violence. Thank you ❤ PS If you want to participate in this challenge yourself, please sign up!
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