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Marieke Eyskoot

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35% of all women face violence in their life. Just because they are a woman. I'm sure you agree: this has to stop. Now. That is why I'm joining the Women's Rights Challenge. I make a fist, and aim to become stronger to defend women's rights. Will you join me? Together with Action Aid, in 35 days I will learn to do 35 push-ups, to raise money for female empowerment: for equal rights training, lobbying to change oppressive laws, support in law suits, shelter in need and more... I look forward very much to making this happen together. Women's rights are everyone's rights: men very welcome too. Let's do this. Thank you so much for your support x #35voor35
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€ 35 15-10-2019 | 23:38
€ 35 01-10-2019 | 08:26 €1 voor elke push up :) Zet hem op, sterke vrouw!
€ 20 01-10-2019 | 08:16
€ 35 28-09-2019 | 19:12 Women empowerment- best way to create a sustainable society in every way: you GO GIRLS!! Did you know investing in women is also te best way to have a positive impact on climate ? It is!
€ 10 27-09-2019 | 09:50