Together for change

( Gekozen door teamcaptain: Ik doe een ander aantal push-ups (bijv. 350)! )

van totaal € 500 (75%)

We work together on a daily basis to change the garment industry and improve the position of garment workers, most of whom are women. And we can always do more.

Because within STITCH we recognise the situation as portrayed by Action Aid we join their initiative through our own team. November 25 is the start of '16 Days of Activism'. By participating in ActionAid's The 35 Challenge, we draw attention to violence against women. From November 1st, the plan is to train every day to be able to do 35 push-ups on November 25th (International Day Against Violence Against Women), and then repeat this on a daily basis until December 10th (International Human Rights Day). That's a total of 560 pus-ups! In this way we raise money to fight injustice against women.


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